Hildegard of Bingen – biographical information

Hildegard of Bingen was born at the turn of the 12th century in Bermesheim, today’s Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Enclosed in a monastery as a child, she went on to become a physician, writer, and composer of music, including one of the first musical plays titled Ordo virtutum. In addition to her theological and medical writings, Hildegard corresponded with bishops, popes, and with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick (Barbarossa) himself. She became, in later life, a vocal critic of clerical excesses and corruption in the Church. At her death in 1179, she left a body of work that surpassed that of most of her contemporaries.
Select list of works:
Liber Vitae Meritorum
Liber Divinorum Operum
Symphonia armoniae celestium revelationum
Ordo virtutum
Causae et Curae
Vita Sancti Disibodi
Vita Sancti Ruperti

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