Praise and Reviews of “The Greenest Branch”

This novel is packed with information about religious practices and the political intrigues of 12th century Europe . . . yet the plot moves along at a sprightly pace. The author emphasizes a young woman’s determination to use her intelligence and talent while negotiating already-outmoded medical and religious practices.
Paula Butterfield, author of La Luministe, in her Goodreads review

Every word of this book is beautiful. The phrasing, the description. P.K. Adams’ talent for writing is evident upon each page of this notable tale.
K.M.Pohlkamp, author of Apricots and Wolfsbane in her Amazon and Goodreads review

Hauntingly beautiful and meticulously researched. P.K. Adams writes about the Middle Ages like someone who has lived there. Hildegard’s story is inspiring, and her voice feels so real that it’s almost spooky.
Jessica Cale, author of Tyburn, in her Amazon praise

P.K. Adams has a way of telling the story that is engaging and inspiring. It made me want to keep going to see what Hildegard was up to. I think anyone interested in this time period . . . will really enjoy this book. 
Heidi Erickson, book reviewer at The Caffeinated Bibliophile.

What an enjoyable book. I like the way the author shows [Hildegard’s] growth, bringing in those details that make the girl who becomes the woman very human yet with a clear calling. My attention was kept all the way through and I eagerly await book two.
Loretta Livingstone, author of Out of Time, in her Goodreads review

A story that deserves to be told. Adams shows us a Hildegard who demonstrates political awareness and diplomacy in measured amounts of humility and boldness. We watch Hildegard grow from a vulnerable young oblate to a tender-hearted but tough-minded magistra. [The] writing style is lively, which serves her character well. I look forward to Book Two.
Syndey Avey, author of The Trials of Nellie Belle in her Goodreads review

I loved this book from start to finish – it reads beautifully and transports you back in time. I loved Hildegard’s character and the author’s writing style made it easy to visualise Hildegard’s world. Would definitely recommend this book.
E. Watson, verified reader on Amazon UK

The Greenest Branch is an engrossing historical novel . . . I highly recommend it, particularly to those who enjoy reading about the medieval period. Fans of Elizabeth Chadwick, Ken Follett, Bernard Cornwell, Tony Riches, and Hilary Mantel will love this book.
Elaine Buckley, reviewer at Weekends@Peet’s

The writing style and voice is meditative and lyrical. Although there is detailed historical information, it is presented in a clear and readable way that makes the story flow with passion and excitement. Conflicts of theology and the rights of women are presented in a balanced and thoughtful way.
Jena Henry on Goodreads and Amazon

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