Silent Water reviews

“Set in the depths of winter, during the Polish Golden Age at the time of the Jagiellonian dynasty, Silent Water is a deeply satisfying and engrossing historical mystery […] richly executed, with penetrating human insights and unforgettable sets.” – review by Laura Rahme, author of Julien’s Terror 

“In addition to the “whodunnit” aspect, this book stands out for its beautifully described and unusual historical setting and its portrayal of the cultural conflict that followed King Sigismund’s political marriage.” – review by C.P. Lesley, author of Song of the Siren and other stories.

“With a unique setting, suspects galore, and clever clues, Silent Water is an engrossing read. Author P.K. Adams promises two more novels in this series, and I’m here for them.” – review by Paula Butterfield, author of La Luministe

“Having read a few period murder mysteries lately, I must say this has been the most enjoyable. The author has a light touch while ensuring we know enough about the Polish Court and events in the wider European setting of the Reformation to make sense of the story. Highly recommended for fans of period murder mysteries and those who love the sixteenth century.” – review by M.J. Porter, author of The First Queen of England and other Anglo-Saxon and Viking historical fiction

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