“Ciche wody” – Prolog

Bari, Królestwo Neapolu Marzec 1560 roku Koszmary zaczęły mnie dręczyć dopiero na starość, kiedy sen dla jednych bywa nieuchwytny, dla innych zaś ugina się pod brzemieniem obrazów z przeszłości, których woleliby nie pamiętać. Kamienna piwnica, wilgotna i cuchnąca, błysk ostrza, zimne oczy zabójcy, błagania ofiary przedzierające się przez brudną szmatę wepchniętą w jej usta… Wyciągam rękę po knebel,... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from The Merchant’s Tale

Chapter 1 St. Nicholas Monastery, Nyonoksa, Russia August 24, 1553 by P.K. Adams and C.P. Lesley  So close to the Arctic, dawn flushed the skies with pink despite the early hour. A blessed silence descended as the monks finished yet another round of prayers, chanted in Slavonic to the accompaniment of bells, and returned to... Continue Reading →

The Arrival of Barbara Radziwiłł

Excerpt from Midnight Fire, Jagiellon Mystery #2 Increasingly bored, I was about to turn to Maria, when the volume of conversations suddenly abated and heads turned toward one corner of the hall. A sense of anticipation filled the air, as if the gathering awaited the beginning of a performance by a troupe of players, lowering... Continue Reading →

Highlights from HNS North America 2019

My second historical fiction conference, HNS North America, came and went, and it was quite a ride. It was held at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland, just across the Potomac from Washington, DC from June 20-22, 2019. With over 70 sessions, the panels ranged from discussions of craft to the... Continue Reading →

Traditional vs. Amazon Publishing

Since the release of my debut novel The Greenest Branch in June 2018, I have been asked many times about my experience as an indie author, and whether I will take that route in the future with my new historical mystery series. Below is what I have told them. I know that many aspiring (as well as... Continue Reading →

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